Saturday, January 12, 2008


Let's start this night off with an email from one of our readers Bob M:

Indy rookie DT Ed Johnson on what the playoffs mean (or just practicing his sports cliches):

Nobody told me nothing, Johnson said. I mean, you know what time it is. Everybody will be bringing their 'A' game. The intensity level is going to be turned up 100 notches. You just try to play as best you can and as hard as you can the longest. I'm expecting the best. I'm expecting an electric atmosphere. I'm going to go out there and be ready. The playoffs, whatever. I'm bringing it.

Another reader, Ross writes:

Some thoughts i found from a forum about the zombie -

Bob Sanders is a prototype military cyborg from the future.

Bob Sanders was reanimated with Voodoo magic.

Bob Sanders eats an entire forest during the week so he can lay the wood on Sunday.

Bob Sanders doesn't just hit you. He hits your whole family.

Following his recognition as the AP's NFL Defensive Player of the Year award, Bob resolved to track down the 19 voters that did not vote for him, and spear tackle them all for a loss.

Tom Brady has Bill Belichick check under his bed for Bob Sanders.

There is no beginning and no end, only Bob Sanders.

There is no evolution, just a list of animals Bob Sanders hasn't tackled yet.

The Big Bang was the result of Bob Sanders tackling God for a loss.

The original ending of Ghostbusters had Dan Aykroyd thinking about Bob Sanders, except that the producers realized that a 100 foot tall Bob Sanders spear tackling the Statue of Liberty would use up the rest of their budget.

Bob Sanders helped free Scotland from the English. William Wallace took the credit, until Bob Sanders tackled him so hard parts of him flew to the corners of the country as a warning not to cross Bob Sanders.

The Three Little Pigs is actually a true story, except that Bob Sanders was the wolf, and a castle with twenty foot thick walls was where the three little pigs lived.

The city of Indianapolis renamed a street "Bob Sanders Avenue", but was forced to change it back after multiple pedestrians were struck down, as no one crosses Bob Sanders and lives.

I heard he was a Zombie who eats Full and Running Back Brains for breakfast.

Again, he found those on a forum, so if you wrote them, sorry.


Bob M. said...

I LOVE the one about Bob Sanders Avenue!

All the pieces are in place for the big showdown, as long as we take care of business tomorrow.


Andy said...

You know, I thought the Ed Johnson quote was a hilariously over-the-top parody of what he said, so I clicked the link to read the real quote.

"The playoffs, whatever, I'm bringing it," is my new catchphrase for the NFL playoffs this year. And the NBA playoffs when they roll around.