Saturday, January 26, 2008

Taping the Hoosiers

I never would have gone to the trouble of recording a Hoosiers game to watch a couple of hours late before, but in this season of multiple blackouts, I'm relishing any tube time I get with them. Since I have a work event from 1-4 today, I'm going to record the game. This is relevant for two reasons: 1. IU is must see TV for the first time in a long time and 2. They seem like they are barely ever on. It's a perfect storm of crapiness.

UPDATE: Well, that was a lousy effort. I'm too mad to even write anything. Sampson let that game get out of hand early after the 9-0 lead. The team started playing like they were up 20, and he didn't reign them in. I'm too mad to even write anything coherent right now.

In other news:
Here's a great piece about Super Bowl rings. Scroll down for Vinatieri's story behind his LXI ring.


Bob M. said...

Ernie Accorsi's SB V memories are pretty good too: who knew he rewrote the famous prenuptial Colts quiz from the movie Diner? Nice insights on Unitas and Morral as well.

JC said...

Dude......Isiah's kid gets smashed with a bottle....then HE gets arrested?!?

Talk about wrong place at the wrong time.

Anyone like the over?

Anonymous said...

came across this...thought i may interest you:

Bob M. said...

BTW, After Antoine Bethea got the green light for the Pro Bowl, I shot an email to Mike Chapell at the Indy Star asking about the "alternate list" and Gary Brackett specifically. His response:
"there is no listing of pro bowl alternates. don't know why. we basically have to ask the players if they are an alternate. i asked brackett and he said he wasn't, as far as he knew"
I guess I'll have to grind my axe for another year, by which time it'll be nothing more than a pocket knife. Unless, like, 12 AFC MLBs all get the flu in the next week... yeah, get the flu... that could be arranged couldn't it?

Deshawn Zombie said...

The injustice continues