Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Loose links

Don Banks is unnecessarily confused. I'm not sure why he would have a tough time understanding the Colts' coaching situation. People are way too worried about down the road. This year, 2008, the issue is settled. If Tony comes back in '09, which no one expects him to, then there will be an issue. Let's burn that bridge when we come to it.

ESPN has a goofy list of the best QB performances in the Super Bowl. It's dumb crap that I don't really want to get into.

Last night on PTI, they were ranking the play of the QBs this post season. The idea was to show that Eli Manning has been the best. I'm not going to argue with the point, but as he rattled on he came to Peyton Manning who he described as "throwing for 400 yards, but was shaky". And that's why I've stopped watching TV. Ok, Wilbon, whatever. I'm not sure why I'm passing that story along other than Demond thought it was funny and said I should.

Sarah from Terre Haute wants everyone to vote here. To the Zombiemobile!


JC said...

Dude, Mike Wilbon is the biggest clown on TV, save for Merrill Hodge (who CHFF calls a "coin flipping monkey" when it comes time to his punditry).

He just throws stuff against the wall with no factual basis for saying it.

I understand your frustration. Schlereth is the other one. A total meathead.


You mean New England, particularly my home state of RI doesn't have it's thumb on the mainstream of America? You mean political opinion in the other 48 states (excluding CA) counts??

Haha. At the risk of turning their blog into a red/blue pissing contest....I'll stop right there.

JC said...

Oh, Demond:

I'm voting for Obama.

zac said...

jc--if you piss either red or blue, you should check into a hospital immediately. Probably the result of the coeds you drunkenly ran through after last season's AFC Championship loss.

Bob M. said...

jc, having lived on both coasts and nowhere in between, I'd have to say that the typical RI opinion is probably pretty well divorced from the breadth of national opinion.
Now you may be a far-reaching omnivore when it comes to reading, which counteracts the small blue state thing, and that's great. But if you stick to TV (no depth of thought) or local print media, you are not getting the full spectrum.
10 years in NYC and then 12 more in Seattle makes me wonder why the rest of the state(s) I live(d) in doesn't agree with the big coastal citys' views. There is some weird, recidivist, regressive, bass-ackwards stuff going on in WA state politically, but because we have about 4 million blue votes and 4 million red votes splitting the state in half, we get constant exposure to both sides. Daily. Painfully.
I stake no claim to having my finger on the national pulse (as an avowed misanthrope I'd just press until the pulse stopped), but having spent 31 years on the east coast from Annapolis to Portland then 12 more out west, I am pretty sure that the smaller the polling sample results in a smaller range of opinion. (Even if Providence has more than WA state's 8M population, it's a more homogeneous 8M than WA with more homogeneous issues to work on.)
Oh wait, you were joking, weren't you? Damn.

JC said...

Yea man, RI politics are in a league of their own, see: Buddy Cianci.

Wikipedia his ass.

I don't pretend to know what people in the middle think or why they think it.

We're just from different places and that's that.

However, I do think that (call me crazy) they vote against their own interests sometimes just to vote against the candidate that WE want.

Maybe that's my east coast elitist attitude.....I don't know.

And in finale, I have a trivia question for you Bob.

What do Ted Kennedy and Jim Leyritz have in common?

Anonymous said...

Read the Super Bowl QB list.

#12 "Starr made Max Magee look good"!!! Anyone remember that Starr threw a terrible pass behind Max on a slant when he was wide open. Magee reaches back and catches the ball with one hand (awesome catch) and races to the end zone.

I think the ESPN people range from idiots to cretins.