Thursday, January 17, 2008

Signing makes sense

The club made a great move by locking up Tyjuan Hagler today. The linebacking play was strong all season, and Hagler was a huge part of that. The backers are one of the best reasons to feel good about next year. When the Colts sign a linebacker (even to a one year extension), it means they really like him. We all know they'll let them go at the drop of a hat.

The Randy Moss thing is getting weird. At first he seemed very believable, but he's changed his story from "I didn't do anything" to "It was an accident". That's just creepy. The #1 most fascinating story this offseason will be what the Pats do with him and/or what he does to the Pats. If they win it all and manage to get rid of him, it'll go down as the single most brilliant offseason move ever (higher even than the Pack taking Reggie White). If he manages to sink this season that he built, the irony, the hilarity, and the I told you so's will be mountainous.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get ready to enjoy one of the handful of times I get to see the incomparable Eric Gordon play this season. Minnesota is a tough place to play, so it should be a good contest. But hey! Comcast is showing the NCAA tournament this year! Just because they love us! God bless you, Comcast Cable. Why are you so very very good to us?

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Shake'n'bake said...

"If you are going to lie that lie has to become the truth for you" -good PR advice.

When Moss changed his story he flipped the balance of believability. His initial story was believable, so is his current, but in the exchange he lost a good deal of creditability.