Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday Links

Not much new to say yet (and what there is, is going into this week's Eyes-up tomorrow AM), but here's what I'm seeing around the web...

Dr. Z picks his All Pro Team and likes Reggie Wayne over T.O. He also gives mentions to Robert Mathis (who was playing the best ball of his life before he got hurt), and most gratifyingly called Gary Brackett's performance 'heroic'. Yes, Dr. It certainly was. Say want you want about the good Doctor. He does actually watch film.

Indiana University has the 6th most valuable college basketball franchise.

KC Joyner and Aaron Schatz of FO square off. Good reading, and it's apparently a work in progress. UPDATE: The link is now fixed and it all makes a little more sense. There's some good stuff about Bob Sanders' impact on the Colts D (I'll give you a hint: he's good for the Colts D).

Whitlock thinks LT vs. the Zombie will be epic. Well, man, it's good to be right about something, I'm sure.

TDZ from FO creates the Blue Print out of alphabet soup.

The rumor mill around Tony Dungy is heating up. I don't think any of us are under any illusions that he'll be around forever. I think he'd like to win one more title, and generally assumed he retire after next season. I wonder if the fact that Jim Caldwell doesn't seem to be getting real consideration for other jobs could play into Tony's decision. If he felt he could leave the team to Jim, it might hasten his departure. Tony's earned the right to do what he wants with his life, and I doubt he'll leave the team hanging. Let's just let this one simmer until after the playoffs.

John Clayton picks up on some talking points. He's right about one thing...when 88 catches his first ball, the roof will come off the dome.

Gary Horton's been watching tape.

Matt Mosley comments on Reggie Wayne not making All-Pro.

John Clayton looks at the men who build franchises. He lists Polian's biggest mistake as the Corey Simon signing. That's really just about his only one. I can't think of another move that didn't really work out in a long time.

Manning and Brady get praise for being masters of the play-action.


Bob M. said...

When Marvin catches his first, you'll hear me all the way from Seattle.

Bob M. said...

Funny, but Mosley and Dr. Z praise Reggie for the exact opposite activitiy: One says he moves all around like a utility infielder, while te other says he's stood in his usual spot and taken on all the opposition's best coverage.

Scratching my head....

Bob M. said...

Pat Kirwan has a pretty good take on the game, IMO. He sees Colts with 28 and Chargers no more than 21--I'd make that spread a little wider, maybe 31-17.

Anonymous said...

Play action QBs -- it's not even close. Peyton created the Colt running game (back when the O-line couldn't run block at all) with his unique ability on the zone stretch. Jeff Fisher complained that the Titans couldn't replicate it in practice.

When you fool defenses with a run threat when your O-line can't run block, you are the master of play action.

To see the difference b/w the Pats and Colts over the years, go back and look at how defenses play on the goal line. Teams played nickel and dime vs. the Colts and dared them to run. Defenses have to load up against the run vs. NE which leads to ignored receivers catching wide open passes. NFL has always had lots more respect for the NE O-line than Indy's.