Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Further proof Scouts Inc. is on crack

I've railed long and hard against the hilarious group known as Scouts Inc. It employs one Jeremy Green who was one of the worst talent evaluators in the HISTORY of the NFL when he presided over the worst set of draft disasters in history. They also employ Keith Kidd, and ex-Patriots employee. It makes one wonder why he's no longer employed there.

Scouts Inc. has long dissed the Colts, for example their hilarious criticism of the drafting of Tony Ugoh (they questioned his 'commitment' to football because he threw shot put in the off season at Arkansas). Today, they chose to rank the #1 scoring D in football, the #2 passing D, and the #8 defense in yards per carry....FIFTH...out of teams in the playoffs.

Their scoring system is stupid, as I mentioned yesterday. Today, the ranked the Colts and Bucs as having the 11th and 12th D lines and 6th and 9th ranked linebackers. Both teams allow fewer yards per carry than every team but Washington and the Giants (Colts and Giants are tied, Tampa is behind just Washington). Oh, and the Giants and Skins ranks? The Skins are 10th in everything and the Giants got a #1 one line ranking but 12th LB rating.

Upon what criteria are they judging defenses? The Colts and Bucs have suspect D-lines and LBs? Then how are they shutting down the run?

Scouts Inc. must think that Bob Sanders is some kind of reanimated demon from the realm of the undead.

Ok, so maybe they aren't so stupid after all.


HeatherRadish said...

I heard minty-fresh crack on the Sirius yesterday--some nutburger called into one of the shows insisting the AFC Championship game was going to be held in Jacksonville against the Titans.

I haven't laughed so hard in weeks.

Shake'n'bake said...

Ah, the rank and add system of evaluation, the retarded cousin of statistical analysis.

Bob M. said...

The analysis was thin and I assume, the DL ranking based primarily on Freeney's absence, that fact that a rookie (mon dieu!) is starting, and they were poor against the run last year.
As for the LBs, I didn't like our placement, but when I read through the names of ALL the LBs involved this year, two things struck me: (1) The 3-4 guys get ranked higher probably because they get a ton of sacks and (2) There really are a lot of good LBs in the playoffs this year. I think like Pro Bowl voting, a lot of this looks like a new years eve "who has the better rep?" slap-dash job so they could all get to their respective soirees. But then I am still bitter about Brackett's lack of recognition.

Dan said...

Dallas as the #1 D by this metod is hilarious. Let's compare them to the Colts D:

Scoring D: Ind: 16.4/g. Dallas: 20.3/g
Total D: Ind: 279.7/g. Dallas: 307.6/g
Yards per Play: Ind: 4.6 Dallas: 4.9
Passing Yards: Ind 172.8 Dallas 213.1
Opposing Passer Rating: Ind 73.3 Dallas 75.1
Interceptions: Ind 22 Dallas 19
Fumbles Recovered: Ind 15 Dallas 10
Fumbles Forced: Ind 20, Dallas 20
Rushing D: Dallas 94.6 (at a 4.0 ypc) Indy 106.9 (at a 3.8 ypc)

One category Dallas is clearly better:

Sacks: Dallas: 46 Ind: 28

Joel said...


Comment of the (new) year, my friend. As a guy with a Masters in Stats, that gave me a hearty belly laugh.