Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ohio: Chew before you swallow

A conversation with my wife last night:

"What would I do if my teams lost the football national championship, the basketball national championship, were swept in the NBA Finals, lost a 3-1 lead in the American League Championship Series, missed the NFL playoffs despite a ten win season, and then just for good measure lost another NCAA football championship. . . in one year?"

She replied, "Well you'd be proud of them because they are still very good."

We both laughed.

Deshawn Zombie Comments: It's almost enough to make one feel bad for OSU fans. Naaaaah. BTW: here's an interesting post about the Colts affect on TEs in the passing game. Again, can anyone rightly tell me why Gary Brackett didn't make the Pro Bowl? He's the reason why these numbers are so low. He blankets the TE.


Bob M. said...

OMG, you have to check this out. This Pats fan is the kind of fan base we're up against every day.


He's never attended a game, but gives his psychic support to Brady and Moss by getting Flying Elvis tattooed onto his scalp. I am sure Tom feels the support every time he drops back to pass.... HIs next ambition is to have the Lombardi trophy burned intot he top of his head, but what if they lose? Dare I suggest, Simmons Face?

Bob M. said...

DZ, thanks, more proof of the conspiracy to ignore Brackett's great year. Assuming Ray Lewis is injured (I think he is) and GB is healthy, does he get to go to Hawaii? Not sure how to check on "atlernate" status.... Will Belichick put him on the PB roster?
I never get tired of asking that last question!

colts girl said...

Okay, this is fairly off-topic, but your tagline made me think of the little song I made up for my girls when they were learning to eat solid foods:

Chew before you swallow;
Don't swallow before you chew.
Keep these things in order,
And you won't choke on your food.

I'm thinking of recording it and sending it to Columbus for mass release.

jv said...

Norman Chad had a great article on reasons to hate the Patriots: