Monday, January 14, 2008

In response to rumors...

I can't thank all of you enough for your kind words about the blog. I thought today would suck because of the Pats fans crap, but really, all of your encouragement far outweighed the negative. I'm glad you all enjoyed the season along with us.

We will still be going strong all offseason. We are huge sports fans, and will comment on whatever is going on. We probably will blog at least one of the playoff games or the Super Bowl. We'll also be putting out regular articles that will hopefully amuse as well. I doubt we'll hit our 70-80 post a month average, but we'll be in the 40s for sure. Stick with us; we aren't going anywhere.


BP said...

Let me add to the chorus of compliments - I discovered your blog shortly after last year's SB and you've been a breath of fresh air ever since: less irrationally negative than Kravitz, but more realistic than your typical homer outlet; some intelligent stats mixed in, and the result is a great service. Truly, this blog has been the first page to which I turn for Colts news, not because I expect an unbiased opinion, but because I expect an expression of what I know that I am feeling but haven't yet put into words.

And I must say that I have rarely, if ever, been dissapointed. Thanks to you both for a great year of Colts coverage and I look forward to another year of excellence from both 18to88 and the boys in blue.



Bob M. said...

Eloquently put. And ditto.

I found this site as a result of a link on FO to the awesome Star Wars predictions and have never been disappointed. Actually, I am amused by some of the beyond-football stuff, since DZ and DS are Reds fans and I have been a fan of the equally perpetually sucky (since about 1993) Pirates going back to the days of Clemente. I trade emails with a pal in NYC along the lines of "hey, we're slugging out for the basement again." (I picked up my Yankees predilection in the early 90s living a short subway ride from The Stadium--hard to avoid as my family is 100% NYY fans. And they were not Pirate rivals like the Mets.)
Keep on trucking in the offseason. I am not nearly as crushed as I was after the Pittsburgh loss two years ago. You know how the only team to end our seasons since 2003 has been the eventual champs....? Well....? pretty unlikely with all the SD injuries, but who knows. No real shame in losing to (or being) the team that wins it all--30 (or 31) other teams are in that boat.

You know what I'd hate: If Dungy left and we won it all next year, how many morons out there (you know who you are) will say the Colts won BECAUSE Dungy left, "just like in Tampa."
I appreciate Irsay trying to keep him with the flex-time option, but I have yet to see that really work well in more typical jobs, needless to mention a job that has average in-season weekly hours in the 80 range. And by "really work" in this context, I mean another 12+/- wins, and a decent playoff run.

Oh, and KEEP DALLAS CLARK! Seriously. He had a down year, and is injured off and on more than I'd like. Maybe his concussion toll has been connected with concentration and catching problems, which would be a fatal flaw for a receiver. In which case... adios. Or maybe he just had a down year.
After last season's post-season, I couldn't imagine dumping him. Despite having superior gross stats this year, he also had more drops. I think he's earned a pass for another season. He's still a big contributor who caught 1/3 of Manning's TD passes. You won't find many teams looking to exile a 10 TD catching TE and hopefully a 2nd legit WR will take some additional heat of Clark, maybe one less hit per game results in one less drop. Add 16 catches, 200 yards, and 1 TD to his 2007 numbers and you'd be talking a Pro Bowl season for any year without Gates (who is currently his team's only real threat) and Winslow (genetic freak on a pass-happy O) and Gonzalez (rep rep rep).

My resolution for 2008: shorter posts!

brent said...

Awesome job this year guys. I know it's a lot of work keeping a blog and being able to come up with original topics, but you guys were absolutely solid all year, and made this season that much better during the work week. It's nice to have a safe haven from East Coast crap, considering every New Englander has a blog these days. May the Patriots go down in flames! Go Horse!!!