Sunday, March 2, 2008

Pay the Man

Randy Moss looks like he might still be a free agent when the weekend is over. I'm not going to go off about how the Pats are done if they don't keep him. I've been wrong about the Pats before. They are the cockroaches of the NFL. They could survive a nuclear blast. I also point to how people have written off the Colts time and again. These teams aren't going anywhere as long as Manning and Brady are still under center. But, as Jason Whitlock suggests, the Pats won't be the same team without Moss. Not even close.

Some people wrote off the Colts last spring because of their major free agency losses. Now it is the Patriots turn to suffer. The Pats have already lost key contributors Donte Stallworth and Asante Samuel. Losing Moss would cap a very poor week for New England. The Colts were able to overcome thier losses because they had capable replacements waiting in the wings. I'm not sure you can so easily replace 23 receiving touchdowns.

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Yeaaaa Spartans.