Monday, March 24, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

Just a couple of thoughts from the sports weekend:

  • Butler got hosed with their seed. They were clearly every bit the team that two seed Tennessee was. It was criminal that those two played a second round game. The committee should be ashamed. Great game, but it should have taken place in the Sweet 16.
  • It was good to see Michigan St. and Wisconsin advance. Truth is that I expect MSU to beat Memphis. Memphis is embarrassing. I hate that team. They are artless.
  • While no one was looking, the Pacers have gone and played themselves into contention. They'll have a tough go with the Hornets, but the rest of their schedule is very doable.
  • Donnie Walsh is probably coming back; but it looks like Bird faces a demotion.
  • The Tigers signing Miggy Cabrera to a long term deal is a great move. This kid is a beast and even if he does get off his conditioning program and blows up to look like ManRam, HE'LL STILL hit like ManRam, so where's the downside?
  • The PGA finally figured out how to stop Tiger. Make the course so easy that everyone is 15 under par. Harder courses thin the field, easier courses make everyone play at his level. I realize that the wind/weather worked out to make that course in Miami play easy this week, but still. It's tough to go lower than everyone else when that means -20.

Links: Cold Hard Football Facts does their Colts offseason preview. There's nothing we don't already know, but it's always nice to read about football.

UPDATE: Ok, so no sooner is he back in, then we push him right out! Donnie Walsh is done with the Pacers. Bird is staying on. I'm not sure what impact this will have on the team moving forward but let's all just pause to say thanks:

For Reggie and Rik

For AD and DSquared

For the playoffs and the Finals

For Larry Brown and Larry Bird

For Mark and Slick

Donnie Walsh took pro-basketball in Indiana to the top and under his guidance we went from a franchise on the verge of implosion to a premiere franchise in the league for more than a decade.

Thanks Donnie. We'll miss you.


Bob M. said...

Man, that CHFF website bites like a Gilbert Gardiner tackle. Once on the front page, none of the links seem to work. Not like I was expecting earth-shaking wisdom anyway.... but actual readable words might be nice.

Bob M. said...

hmmm, I think that should have read "... none... seems to work" as none is a shortened version of "not one" and the plural "links" before the verb confused me momentarily. My bad.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Walshes, is Matt Walsh still "close to an agreement to come forward" with whatever fictional bullshit he allegedly has?

My guess


Anonymous said...

Embarrassing is Indiana basketball.

I expect Memphis to tear MSU apart.

Deshawn Zombie said...

Indiana Baskeball is embarassing, I won't argue about that. Memphis, however, is everything I hate about basketball. They are an artless, skilless squad that is miserable to watch and spends most of their time beating up on inferior teams. I can't wait to watch them lose.

Anonymous said...

Silly. You clearly don't watch many Memphis basketball games and are spouting what the talking heads are saying.

Watch Memphis play defense and tell me that again. Did you even see the game against Georgetown in December?

You sound like Mike Freeman from CBS sportsline... ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, embarrassment is what that Big Eleven team put up tonight against the Tigers.