Tuesday, March 18, 2008

At least he gives a rip

With the recent statements by team president and round-ball messiah Larry Bird that not even his job is secure given recent statements by ownership, I think it's appropriate to note that he said he actually would like the chance to return and right the ship. Frankly, this sort of amazes me. Larry Legend could easily spend all his time playing golf and doing memorabilia shows and enjoy his retirement, but instead is buried in the unenviable task of remaking a roster that has utterly imploded both on and off the court. As a fan, I'm almost too exhausted to even care, and I don't have to answer the phone at 2 am every fortnight to deal with another member of the freakshow that has become the Pacers locker room shooting up Naptown. Larry wants to keep his job, and frankly I admire him for it. I don't blame him for the this mess, but I certainly can't see any way out of it. Being stuck in the NBA's lower middle class is basically a death sentence. You don't ever draft high enough to turn the tide, and can't attract any free agents to help you. The only solution is to grab a future Hall of Famer with the 11th pick in the draft.

Good luck finding another one of those at that slot. Oh, and if you do, be prepared to endure the boos from the Indy faithful on draft day. So good on you, Larry, for still wanting to be a part of things. You are a better man than I.

At least we killed the Knicks again. Things could always be worse.

(Oh and by the way...No, I'm not going to get over Reggie being gone, so quit asking. And yes, I will be this way about the Colts in about 8 more years. )

An Eagles blogger celebrates the arrival of Dan Klecko as a fullback. Obviously, this isn't a huge loss for the Horse, but let's all give him a nice pat on the back farewell for scoring a huge touchdown in the AFC Championship game in 06. Thanks Dan. Best of luck.

IU comes in on the list of greatest tourney comebacks. What a night that was.


Ian - Inside the Iggles said...

Thanks for the link.

I don't know if I should celebrate this signing or not. Converting a DT to play full time FB worries me. I know at times he played FB, but he has never done it on a full time basis. I will try to be optimistic about it though.

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Andy said...

You don't blame Bird for this mess? This is Bird, the guy who justified every bad character he drafted by saying "We don't want a bunch of milk drinkers here." Bird, who is now on the record saying he was against trading Artest and against trading Jackson.

Seriously. This isn't his fault? Did we ever have these problems when Walsh ran things on his own?

DZ said...

Yeah, but Walsh is still involved. His brain didn't suddenly fall out. If David Stern has chosen to make an example of the Pistons for their lax security instead of the Pacers, the last several years play out very differently.