Sunday, March 16, 2008

At least I don't have to get emotinally invested

That's my lone consolation for IU getting stuck down at an 8 seed. It seems like a hose job (considering that other commentators had them at a 5), but hey, when you lose 3 of your last 4 you can't complain.

The loss to Minnesota was one of the most gut wrenching I can ever remember. After DJ White did about 10 legendary things in the last 20 seconds (his block of the lay up will be too soon forgotten), for that team to lose that game just made you feel like it wasn't meant to be. Minnesota's last 4 baskets seemed to be on broken plays and tipped passes. The officials blew at least 4 major calls in the second half (the most egregious was the non-goal tending call on DJ's dunk). The snake has bit these kids so many times, that they must feel like a 12 pack of white mice by now.

So now the Hoosiers have a tough 8-9 game, and if they win the reward is North Carolina in their own sandbox. Great. At least I don't have to bother worrying about IU basketball much past this weekend. I suppose this way, it won't interfere with my fantasy draft coming up.

It seemed there was more odd decisions by the committee than normal this year. The screw job they put to Butler is utter unconscionable. At any rate, I'll be following my yearly tradition of not really filling out a bracket. I occasionally throw one together with zero thought, but I found that I enjoy the tourney more if I don't feel like I have to root for some favorite to be McCrap State just because I picked them to do so. I'd rather watch the last few seconds of a tight game pulling for any and every upset.

Still, I wish DJ White could get more than just one or two more games in Cream and Crimson. He was never greater than he was on Friday night.


Anonymous said...


Tell me Ted Lilly at $1 isn't the best contract in the league.


Deshawn Zombie said...

that's a good bid for sure.

Bob M. said...

McCrap State...? Fartsville State's arch rival! I could go on, but the first amendment only goes so far.

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Joel said...

Oh DZ, how sweet of that nice spammer to add you to their blogroll. :)

The moral of the story: the Tournament Selection Committee doesn't like the Big Ten, unless you're a team coached by Tom Izzo. IU being an 8 seed is horrible, but so is Wisconsin getting shafted out of a 2 seed. I mean, come on. I know they're not pretty, but they only lost four games in a major conference, won both the reg season and conf tournament. You're telling me Duke deserved a 2 seed more than they did? That's horrible.

Butler got jobbed too. A 7 is WAY too low for them. I think they could still do some damage though.

Flipside Corporate Offices said...

If you don't mind, we'd like to hire "Smartphone" for our site. He has the same writing style as a trained walrus. Fantastic.

DZ said...

Hey, stop poaching our loyal readers! A smart phone is a valuable thing to have! I'm tired of stupid phones.

jv said...

As a Kentucky fan, I do not believe that Indiana is only 3 seeds better. I am not sure why IU got an 8. Butler got hosed too.

HeatherRadish said...

Butler was hosed and Marquette is too high.

Has your local media noticed Scott Drew vs. Purdue yet?

Anonymous said...

Butler did not beat a single team in the tourney.

Saw Wisc play Duke. The Badgers were pathetic. They did manage to grab the Big 10, proving they were better than the Purdue team that lost at home to Wofford.

DZ said...

Wisconsin did beat Texas.

Purdue actually beat Wisconsin twice.

I have no idea what any of that prooves.