Wednesday, March 26, 2008

88 is 10th?

A panel of experts was commissioned by ESPN to select the 10 best WRs of all time, and the great Marvin Harrison came in at 10th. I don't have time to get into everything here, but how can anyone possibly rank Harrison behind Chris Carter and Michael Irvin? I'm not really sure how Harrison ranks behind T.O. either. This requires more analysis than I can give it at the moment. We'll try to get a response article with stats and cogent arguments up before the weekend is up. At first blush though, it seems ridiculous.

In happier news, the Boss is back through 2011. Aside from Manning staying healthy, nothing will go further toward making the Colts competitive than Bill Polian staying in the driver's seat.

Buster Olney needs to quit playing with my emotions.

Demond Sanders: I'm not sure we should even dignify this garbage journalism with a response, but here goes. I think the second spot is solidly up for grabs between Owens, Moss, and Harrison. Obviously many on the list are tough to compare because of the eras are so different, but certainly Chris Carter is flat out laughable. Irvin played in more or less the same era and his numbers are dwarfed by those of Harrison.

The headline on ESPN is appropriate: Out of sight. I think Marvin's absence last season has pushed him down at least five spots on this list and maybe more. I think in the end it will come down to how these three guys finish their HOF careers. Marvin is one championship up on both Owens and Moss. Can he get healthy and pad his lead?


Bob M. said...

Po-Li-An! PO-LI-AN!
Ten-More-Years! Ten-More-Years!

Bob M. said...

The ESPN article... ugh. They had good evaluators, I guess, and reasonable criteria for spanning eras, but if it was done last year, Moss would have been #10 if anywhere on the list, and Harrison around #5.
Timing is everything. A handful refused to even consider TO for his drops, but he's ahead of Marvin? Uh, how's that work?

Shake'n'bake said...

Of the 6 major receiving records (season and career-TDs, Yards, Receptions) Jerry Rice holds 4, Moss broke one this past season who holds the other?

It's hard question for non-Colts fans. Everyone overlooks Marvin.

How does a player who is in the top 5 in career receptions, yards and TDs barely makes it in the top 10 of the greatest receivers?

If Marvin returns healthy next season he should be able to move into the top 4 in all three categories, making him harder to forget about (although people still will).

Dave said...

so, Booger is a Steeler. Hmm, any thoughts? As a cheap back-up, ok by me...but I'm a little concerned getting a gy that just failed a physical merely weeks ago.

Bob M. said...

Oy, I just triple-posted over on FO--three long posts if you can imagine (!) in support of Marvin. I was just waiting for the "Marvin is only good because of Peyton" argument and while I was typing a rebuttal, someone slipped in that very argument. Conveniently ignoring the QB status of Montana/Young/Aikman, Brady, etc.

Times like this I think about what Vizzini, the Sicilian killer in "The Princess Bride" would say:
"How smart am I? Have you heard of Aristotle? Plato? Socrates?....MORONS!"

Deshawn Zombie said...

Nice Bob. Good stuff. I seriously am working up an article, but it's sort of slow going.

big dave said...

I won't lose any sleep over the Marvin ranking. He still has many years left in the league, and we all know the Moss and TO rankings are ridiculous anyway. I think his private lifestyle has a lot to do with it, too. Which is really a shame.

Colts Girl said...

I'm just so darned glad to see posts about football I can barely contain myself. Sure it's bogus that Marvin is 10th, but at least it gives us something to write/read about!

Bob M. said...

Colts Girl, you are sad. Sad and pathetic.
I am too, but that doesn't diminish the fact that you're scrabbling for Colts/football news in late March. Whereas I am in the lofty position of... commenting on people pathetically scrabbling for Colts news.....
Gosh, is it August yet?