Monday, March 3, 2008

Randy Moss: Savvy Businessman

Randy Moss is moron. He's in the process of signing a 3 year, $27 million deal with the Patriots. How does this make sense? Keep in mind this will almost definitely be Moss's last chance to sign a big contract. Marvin Harrison was slightly older than Moss when in 2004 he signed his 7 year, $67 million contract. Marvin received $23 million in guaranteed money. So unless this report is false Moss has cheated himself out of a sizeable amount of money. This guy had 98 catches and 23 touchdowns last year and ran his routes like a rookie.

As another point of reference Asante Samuel is getting $20 million guaranteed on his 6 year, $57 million deal with the Eagles. The guaranteed money will be the key to fairly judging the Moss contract, but as it stands now it looks very questionable. I'd be very surprised if another club isn't willing to outdo the Pats by a wide margin. More on this as it develops.


Bob M. said...

I don't disagree with you about the value issue (Eagles or Jags might have paid a LOT MORE for his services) but what if Randy really only wanted a couple more years and a good chance for a ring? He's got a good QB whose line gives him time to get the ball to Moss. He has as good a shot as anybody for a ring in the next couple years. And he's leaving what might only seem to him a marginal amount of money on the table. (Without knowing more detail, he's getting $9M x 3 years and maybe $18 M guaranteed. The top of the market for him might have been an average of $11M x 6 years with $20M - $22M guaranteed...?) Looking at what TMQ might call the actual numbers, my wild speculation says he's pocketing $18M and leaving $4M on the table. And doesn't have to run routes for the likes of Sage Rosenfels (to pick on a random replacement-level QB). Any new contract after this will be extremely strange and hard to figure, but that's why one might infer that he expects to be bored with the NFL by then and redy to hang 'em up. No surprise to me, as he seemed bored plenty of times in his first few years... while actually ON the field!

If it's all about money and only money, yes, he's a moron. But I don't buy that. I think it's a great deal for the Pats and a decent one for Randy. The bastards!

Demond Sanders said...

We are talking about a player who just set a significant NFL record at his position and at the same time radically changed an offense, making them statistically the greatest ever.

Jerry Porter got $10M in guarantees and he has a whopping total of 6 TD receptions the past two seasons.

Just really weird for me, but I guess we can wait until the numbers are out to criticize it.

Bob M. said...

Just read that he'd get $20+ guaranteed from the Pats. Maybe I undershot the guaranteed money peak with my estimate earlier, but I still don't think he left more than $5-8M on the table, while being guaranteed $20+M. Sure he could have gone for those BS $100M 8 year deals, but nobody expects them to be completed as drafted--they're constructed to deal with present-day cap issues.

In terms of real dollars and real years, this looks decent for Randy to me. Add in the intangibles (Brady, the OL, overall team quality) and it's pretty good. It is of course great for NE, who, I might point out again, are all bastards. Again, if he plans on playing after age 34, then it's weird--unless the cap keeps skyrocketing and his stats don't fade, he's in for a big letdown on his next contract. The kind that might make him moody and likely to run his car in to a cop....

Demond Sanders said...

Where are you seeing $20M? Usually they don't announce the details immediately.