Monday, March 10, 2008

Indy South

Wow, so Jeff Fischer must really love the ex-Colts. Already a major employer of Indy castoffs (Thornton, Harper, Jabba Simon), the Titans have added yet one more former Colts to the fold by signing Jake Scott. Personally, this move squelches plans for me to get a Colts jersey with Scott on it for my son. Footballwise the move is a non-issue for the Colts. Howard Mudd will invariably turn some 4th round pick from Fartville State and create a serviceable guard out of him. Actually, it probably just means that Charlie Johnson will get a chance to start at his more natural position. It's sort of become hilarious how many ex-Colts the Titans sign, but actually it's a good sign that a solid coaching staff admires the well prepared kind of jetsam the Colts routinely spit out into the free agent tide. Jeff Fisher is my kind of coach, and the Colts make his kind of players. It's great for the NFL to have a real rivalry between Indy and Tennessee. They are the true division rivals for the Colts. Now if they only had a QB...

Meanwhile, the Titans have signed Alge Crumpler proving two things:
1. He loves QBs who can't throw (thanks to CHFF for the heads up)
2. The Titans continue to be smart enough to not blow big money receivers for a QB who can't get them the ball.

Meanwhile, Simons asks what if... I hate to even think about it. The devolution of the Pacers continues to be one of the saddest and most unexpected stories of my adult life. I literally get sick thinking about it.

Demond Sanders: Just in case anyone was wondering, Warrick Dunn isn't going to play for the Colts next year.


HeatherRadish said...

Did Simon ever play a game for the Titans?

Deshawn Zombie said...

ESPN shows him as having one assist against Atlanta.

Bob M. said...

You talk about Fartville State as if we have nothing going on at my alma mater! I am so insulted! Have you never heard of the semester-long "Beansfest" in the cafeteria? Our chili cookoffs on the quad are the stuff of legend (and not a few arson trials).
And while some football teams stink, ours really STINKS. Go ahead, try to beat us in the big homecoming game when your eyes are tearing like the Feds just raided your place with a teargas cannon. Let's see how fast you run when you are gasping for breath and weeping like a little baby.
Fartville State rules! Shawne Merriman takes a back-seat to us because we are the true 'roid warriors! Go Flaming Gasmen!

Deshawn Zombie said...

Lol. The line between funny and weird has just been trampled thoroughly.

Colts Girl said...

Wow. I agree. Very funny, though.

I'm a little bummed that we didn't get Warrick Dunn. Neat guy.