Friday, March 21, 2008

Tampa Two

Well day two has been better than day one. The WKU/Drake game was wonderful as the committee looked liked fools for slotting Drake so high. The second game in Tampa also has now gone into overtime, making it far and away the hot site of the round.

Butler looked like world beaters, winning a tough game in the backyard of their opponent. I wouldn't be surprised to see them take Tennessee down on Sunday. The only really disturbing news of the day was JC's announcement that the Pats are pursuing Pac-man Jones. I think that if that team gets any more evil, a vortex will form around F-borough and swallow the universe whole. Seriously, has any team ever gone from 'classy model franchise' to 'cess pool of all that's wrong with sports and indeed American society itself' faster than the Pats?

So far the Big Ten and the Hoosier state are 3-0 apiece. No pressure guys.

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