Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Football links? It's about time...

Here are a couple of interesting ones to chew on:

Scouts Inc ranks the top 64 wideouts. Wayne, Harrison and AG are 5, 13, and 45 respectively. I'd get into analysing this more, but it was done by Scouts Inc., so it's not really worth getting into it.

Don Banks discusses picking high in the draft, using the Colts as the idyllic scenario.

Some may wonder why we ignored Peyton's birthday yesterday. It's because Peyton doesn't have birthdays. He lives in a cryogenic tube in the offseason, and they thaw him out to play. He won't ever get older. He'll play for twenty more years at least.

Demond Sanders: I'll never understand the media's fascination with Steve Smith. To me it's all about on the field production. That's why to me it has to be Wayne, Moss, and TO (not necessarily in that order). Smith has played for seven seasons and has just one season with more than 100 catches and just one season with double digit touchdowns. Wayne on the other hand gets a little better every season. And say what you want about #81 and #81, but those a-holes know how to score.

DZ adds another link: Because it's easier than creating a whole new post just to say that the footballoutsiders have their AFC South offseason summary up. How boring is the Colts offseason? They spend more time talking about urinals than they do players we signed.

Hey, CBSsportsline has their offseason analysis up as well!
It's Pete Prisco, but we'll link it anyway.

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