Monday, October 6, 2008

Ten Things

1.) I haven't listened to sports talk radio for the last month. I got back on the horse today. During my absence radio has apparently timewarped back to 2002. Callers on 1260 were openly bashing Bill Polian for not using high draft picks on defense. Really? Are we really back to those days? Someone (JMV) needs to remind these fools that they lost one DT to an apparent mental illness and another DT to weed. You can't plan for those things. The current strategy has won you a Super Bowl and a hell of a lot of football games. Now we are going to question it because the team is 2-2? Ridiculous. Another caller ripped the team because Gary Brackett is the starting middle linebacker. You, sir, are a clown.

2.) The play with 7:00 to go when Manning hit Wayne over the middle for 11 yards as Manning was going down was spectacular. It isn't a play that will get mentioned much, but it was classic.

3.) I love when Manning scrambles. He only does it in the most dire situations which makes it all the better.

4.) Tom Santi's catch was made in the tightest coverage imaginable. Draped all over him doesn't begin to describe it.

5.) This team hasn't found its identity on either side of the ball. The best thing that can be said is that the Special teams coveage looks ten times better so far this season. I guess it should also be pointed out that the team has mounted impressive comebacks in three consecutive games.

6.) The past month would be much harder to swallow if Tom Brady was still around. He's not.

7.) Can you please crush Baltimore next Sunday? Beat the living hell out of them.

8.) Marvin clearly showed he can still catch tough balls in traffic, but people are writing off Marvin's big play ability. I hear he's lost anywhere from a half-step to a step and a half. However you go about measuring such a thing, I'm not buying it yet. Marvin was in position for a deep score twice yesterday. I still think it is coming and when it does it will be a "holy crap that was sweet" moment.

9.) The Colts are in second place in the South.

10.) And much better off than the Chargers.

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Jesse said...

I don't understand why people think Harrison has lost a step. Manning has about 1 second to get the ball deep, so it's not like he's got all kinds of time for Marvin's double moves- which is where he gets open so much in the past.

On the deep ball to Marvin - he had the db beat by 3 yards and the safety beat by 5. How has he lost a step again? Manning made a crappy short throw, if he leads him right - Harrison walks into the end-zone.

People are so ignorant. Bill Polian is actually a genius. What sucks about our offense? Our O-line. He drafted 3 good prospects. Our defense has been killed by injuries and stupid.

SERIOUSLY? Harrison has lost a step? Polian should have drafted defense?