Thursday, October 2, 2008

Leaving Olympus-The MMTTB report.

Here lies a fallen god. His fall was not a small one.

Yes, it is with a heavy heart that I bring you all the MMTTB report today. Just a few weeks ago, we were all basking in the collective glow that emanated from the countenance of everyone's favorite front office combo. Their combined luminescence promised to usher in a new era of harmonic convergence among us mere mortals. But now? Oh what rough beast is man! Our enlightened duo has fallen hard from the slopes on high where they supped with the divine, and now wallow in the mud with the rest of us.

Since last we saw Thompson and McCarthy, their protege Aaron Rodgers has lost not one, but two games and seen a precipitous drop in every major passing statistic. The Packers have gone from being seen as a potential contender in the NFC, to being one of the major question marks. What's more, terrible luck has befallen the new Packers QB! He is injured! There was surely no way to forsee this! He is nursing a sprained shoulder, and his ability to play and/or produce is in serious question. This is just bad luck, right? Aaron Rodgers has no history of getting hurt? Right?

Meanwhile, the cursed Favre played Dr. Lecter on the Arizona secondary, throwing for a career high 6 touchdowns. For one so callously tossed from the halls of football's valhala, he's doing pretty well for his new team. So what to make of Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson? Whereas once the media had deemed them worthy of the highest prose, they are now reduced to cheap cliches. That is to say...we see the wheels turning, but the hamster might well be dead. Their IQ this week: 69. They are morons, but highly functioning ones!


This is freaking amazing. The Onion informs us that a new ally has joined the fight against the WNBA.

The FWJG comes through with a nice little piece about the attitude of the Colts WRs

Read only if you have time. Simmons blames Boras for the Manny trade. He's dead on.

Don Banks ranks the divisions


jc said...

Who's the Cubs fan Zac or Shake?

Whichever one of you it is.....Manny is going to single handedly ruin your October.

Meanwhile the Sox show nothing but Sac and won their 10th straight post over the Anaheim Choke Jobs.

Deshawn Zombie said...

Yeah, I just finished Simmon's War and Peace lengthed piece on Manny, and I certainly have that feeling. He's going to destroy everyone in the NL for two straight weeks.

The Cubs problem is that no matter how good Ryan Dempster was all year...he's still Ryan Dempster. With Big Z at 100% and Harden, they had a chance. But when you start Ryan Dempster in game one, you are asking to get beat.

And Cub fans, please don't barrage me with email about how freaking great Dempster was all year. I get it. He had the kind of freaky career ressurection that might be 'legit' if it had happened about 8 years ago, but in today's 'drug free' climate is much more likely to be a statistical oddity than a real transformation.

Good win for the Sox. Now that Brady is hurt, I find myself disliking them far less than I would have. Don't ask me why. It's just the way it is.

Shake'n'bake said...

I'm a Cubs fan and there's another too (might be Zac, I'm bad with names). It's on Big Z and Harden now.
I would put my feelings as concerned.

The reason I disagree about Dempster's season is that it wasn't just another year for him, he changed roles. Starting and Closing are literally and approach wise on opposite ends of the pitching spectrum and some of those changes he had to make may have really helped him. He didn't have his command. It happens.
I don't know how the off days work out, but if it goes to 5 I'd take Demptser on full rest over anyone coming back on short rest (though I would have rather had Z starting game one. Maybe even Harden, he's been SICK, but he makes the Cubs reach into their bullpen because they have to keep his arm in bubble wrap so I doesn't get hurt.

jc said...

The Sox have drafted lights the eff out for five years now.

Even Dan Duquette homered on Youk.

Pedroia, Ellsbury, Masterson, Lester, Papelbon, Lowrie et al are all sick.

The mid-90's Yankees were the same way with DJNY, Mariano, Jorge, Bernie and all those guys that put the fear of God into you.

Combine great drafts with a shitload of cash for free agent moves that you can afford to strike out on (Renteria, JD Drew) and you have a WS contender for the next decade.

Sucks doesn't it?

And Happy New Year to Bob as I suspect he's a member of the tribe.

Deshawn Zombie said...

I could buy the "Dempster figured stuff out as a closer" deal except for one thing:

He wasn't very good at being a closer.

This isn't the case of a starter who got beat up, became a semi-successful closer and thus figured out how to pitch. Dempster was a crappy starter who posted a sub-4 ERA once (and NEVER posted a WHIP south of 1.35) who became a very mediocre closer (1 good year-his first, followed by two pretty crappy ones), and suddenly posts numbers WAAAY out of line with anything he's ever shown himself capable of.

You either are what you are OR you are on the juice OR you are Jamie Moyer and just figure it out one day at age 38. I have no reason to think Dempster is on the juice, and he's not a Jamie Moyer type, so I have to assume that he is what he's always been...a pretty crappy pitcher who shouldn't be throwing game 1 of any meaningful series.

Z and Harden can get it done...if Z's healthy and Harden can go 7. Otherwise...make it 101 years.

zac said...

This man is a Cardinals fan...and I am glad we now live in a world where the Rays have won a playoff game.

Eva(n) Longoria is beast.

Shake'n'bake said...

and bad Z shows up, 5 run 2nd inning for the Dodgers.

How about those Colts?

JC said...
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Shake'n'bake said...
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Demond Sanders said...

Keep the politics out, guys.

No offense. But when the country is split 50/50 like this the chances are good that the guy sitting next to you on the bus violently disagrees with your politics.

Shake'n'bake said...

JC started it.

zachary Pittman said...

"And Happy New Year to Bob as I suspect he's a member of the tribe."

I laughed at this.....and now I'm ashamed.

Anonymous said...


I, for one, am pretty familiar with violent disagreements.