Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Something Big is Coming...

But not yet. We'll get to that later. For now, some links:

The Colts picked up Dawson and Simpson, IRing Hart. Tough break for the kid, who looked to have some playing time ahead of him. Here's a full list of all the transactions.

MDS of FO does an EPC on #18. That is to say, Michael David Smith looks at every play by Peyton. He loved Peyton's game, but lays serious hate on both the O-line and Marvin. Make of it what you will.

Dr. Z has the opposite opinion of #88 in his power rankings this week

ESPN the Ragazine says hold on to the Jaddai Master and Peyton

Scramble for the Ball compares players to video game characters. I can't believe they beat us to it.

Peyton is the AFC Player of the Week
. Um, yeah. It's the 17th time he's won it. Wow. That's more than a full season's worth. You can basically count on Manning winning this at least one week a season EVERY season. Amazing.

In a piece about the Chiefs not trading Tony Gonzalez, J Whit makes an interesting point about signing marquee players to 'one contract too many' using 18 and 88 as an example.

They don't stream it anymore (thanks a lot Floria), but the Polian corner is still around. This week it's with Chris Polian as Bill is away at league meetings.


zac said...

The FO link sends you to the ESPN page discussing Hart's move onto IR.

Deshawn Zombie said...

Sorry. Fixed.

Anonymous said...

re: MDS piece

I think he was fair to the O-line. They weren't very goood. Read the play by play at Stampede. It seems like somebody broke down on almost every play (even Saturday, who is probably not anywhere near 100%).

As for Marvin, I don't think we can know unless we know the Colts offensive system. Even then, 18 and 88 have been lauded for years for having a special level of communication. Perhaps even the coaches can't know for sure why they don't seem to be on the same page on a particular play. But it seems clear that 18 is clicking with 87 in a way he isn't with 88.

The play that seemed particularly odd to me was the "slight overthrow" near the goal line early. Live, it appeared that Peyton threw it just a hair too high for Marvin to handle. On the replay, we could see that Marvin didn't run. It was a really strange pattern. He broke open to the corner, but he kind of chokes down his steps rather than burst. Maybe he was worried about the safety coming over (?). Maybe in their system he is supposed to sit down in the void. I don't know, but it looked odd.

Both of them are coming off injuries. They clearly haven't spent as much time working together as in the past. I expect that they should get better and better as they practice throughout the season.