Thursday, October 23, 2008

Are you Pondering what I'm Pondering? A MMTTB Report

Well that went well! Last week, the Colts managed to waltz into Lambeau Field and make the utterly average tandem of McCarthy and Thompson look smart again, and at exactly the same time Brett Favre's Jets were falling in overtime to the Raiders, (though Favre did lead a game tying drive). So what to make of these two? Are they smart or not?

On the one hand, they are now 4-3, and the gimpy arm of Aaron Rodgers held up well last week for an efficient game. On the other, they had an NFC finalist team and have coached it up to 4-3. So are they smart? The media talked at length about how great Aaron Rodgers played last week, and McCarthy's decision to go for it on 4th and 1 in his own territory effectively won the game for the Packers, so we'll split the difference. Their combined IQ is still impressive, but somehow we still get the suspicion that their plans to take over the world will come up short before all is said and done. Let's put them at 145 this week...but note that it's an average of the two. One may be considerably smarter than the other.


Polian doesn't have any more or different answers than we do. That's what drives you nuts about this team. The answers are simple: injuries both past and present. There's no big secret thing. It's a banged up team with too many players out of sync and off the field. His answer on Ugoh is interesting, and his answer on 4th and 1 is ridiculous.

Fun Facts about the Pacers. Eh.

Edge is unhappy...sorry man. I wish better for you

Good notes on past and present Colts

Tanier likes the Horse on Monday. I have no idea what to expect. I don't think the Titans are 'Super Bowl' good. I don't know what to make of the Colts. Both teams desperately want this game...who wins? I have no freaking idea.

One guy still likes Eli over Big Ben. I think it's hard to argue against Roethlisberger's numbers.

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RAAAAAAAZZZZOOOOR Shines has a job with the Mets. Thanks to Chad for keeping us up to date on our favorite ex-Indian.


Bob M. said...

mumble mumble, grumble grumble.

there, that's a comment, I guess.

I'm feeling very late 2006, only without the confidence in the O or the generally healthy team.

zac said...

Razor Shines was and is the man.