Sunday, October 26, 2008

For the Great Unwashed

All of you who read regularly know what we think about the state of the team. For everyone else, it requires some explanation.

Here's one of my two interviews through MVN. I do my best to cut through the usual sound bite nonsense and illuminate what's really going on with the Horse. I really think that it's tempting as fans to get tired of talking about injuries becuase we have had such a nightmare 12 months. Just because we are tired of saying it, doesn't change the fact that this team isn't close to healthy and it shows. It's not an excuse; they HAVE to find a way to get it done. But let's not go all crazy if they don't. Sometimes you just don't have the horses on the field to win. It drives us nuts when Tim Jennings gets four penalties in one game, but it shouldn't surprise us. He's a below average nickle back. When he's on the field more than usual, he's going to look awful. Same with CJ, and Session (who has improved a lot actually), and the half dozen rookies that have started on offense.

By the way, we haven't really talked about it much (at all), but 18to88 is now part of the MVN Network, at least in theory. There have been platform problems that have delayed the launch, but eventually, we will re-launch 18to88 as one page instead of the site/blog division we have now. Someday, you'll just head straight to for everything. That day was supposed to happen several times now...but hasn't. They are having problems importing all the blog/website archives into the new format. Anyway, we'll keep you posted.

Also many of you may have realized that has a Facebook presence. Feel free to look up Demond Sanders (they wouldn't accept Deshawn Zombie as a screen name), and befriend us if you are in to that kind of thing. There is also a group called "Friends of".

Demond Sanders: You're right about the injuries. It is that simple. They need Ugoh back at his 2007 level or better. He was very solid last year, both run and pass blocking. This season has shown us that having healthy playmakers (Wayne, Harrison, Gonzalez, Clark) does not trump having healthy linemen.

Is there reason to panic? Yes, in the sense that they are playing a MUST win game tomorrow night. I think the worst part is that we have no idea what to expect from the team on a given Sunday. They have to win these next two, at a minimum. If they can do that they'll be right back in the playoff race, if not the division. I'm rooting for the Bills and Steelers to trip up today.


Shake'n'bake said...

Good stuff.

CJ is better than last year. That's not saying a lot and even improved he's a problem. I still don't think he's played any worse than Diem so far this year.

Anonymous said...

Country comedian Jerry Clower (former Miss St tackle, now deceased) had a funny sketch about his football career. The first game he ever saw he played in. After serving in the navy in WWII he went to a jr college coach and said he wanted to play football. Said he was the man what runned with the ball.

Of course, he ended up playing tackle. But he cautions the audience not to laugh, "there ain't never been such a thing as a good football team what didn't have TWO good tackles."

There ain't never going to be such a thing as a good Indianapolis Colts football team with below average quality lines on both sides of the ball.

Watching the Colts this year makes me feel like a another Clower line -- "Owwwwwwwww! This thing's killin' me! Shoot up here amongst us, one of us got to have some relief."

Shake'n'bake said...

Favre pick 6 from the redzone to give the cheifs the lead. I think I can picture the MMTTB report this week.

Demond Sanders said...

Now we just need Eli to take down the Steelers and the Colts will have picked up major ground in the AFC without even playing. See? I can be optimistic.

5-2? Goes to show that Tom Brady's contribution to the Patriots is way overstated. It feels good to type that.

Shake'n'bake said...

"Tom Brady's contribution to the Patriots"

Takes them from good to great.

jc said...

We'd be 7-0 and pushing another run at 16-0.


Deshawn Zombie said...

6-1. Tom Brady is worth 1 win. Maybe the beat the Dolphins. I doubt they win at SD even with him

Anonymous said...

Tom Brady is worth a first round bye and two home playoff games.

Even your boy, the yellow toothed Tom Jackson, said the Patriots schedule which had 13-14 wins 'built in' is now a coin flip week to week.

Squeaked past KC, the Jets, and St Louis. Real powerhouses guys.


Deshawn Zombie said...

wins are wins. You don't get style points.

They are 5-2 without Brady. 6-1 with him. We'll know by the end how valuable he really is.

Demond Sanders said...

Also, I was joking, but it will get debated by the media if they continue to win.

I love it.

Deshawn Zombie said...

Right, you can say Brady is worth a bye and two home games, but the Pats might get that ANYWAY.

5-2 is 5-2. Pats fans always used to whine that no one took their QB seriously becuase they won close ugly games and he didn't put up big stats. Then came Randy Moss. Now they want blowouts.

It's hilarious.