Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I have nothing to say today

I'm still in shock over that mess on Sunday. I'm depressed because I see no way for this team to improve quickly. There are too many guys hurt. I realize that some (Addai, Hayden, Sanders) may come back, but I'm worried that by the time this team gets healthy, it will be too late. I realize that it could be worse. We could be Cowboys or Chargers fans right now. Nothing I have to say about this team today will be constructive or insightful...so I won't say anything.

I didn't bother to download the game this week (can you blame me?), so I'll leave you all with Phil B's breakdown of the game, because he gets paid for it. The next two games will be on TV here, and three weeks from now I should have DirecTV back.

We are interested in your opinions about the game day chat as well. It was cool to see so many people participate (thanks to Mike Tanier of FO for stopping by), but it was unwieldy and hard to read after the fact. So here's the question:
What is more interesting to you:
  • limited live commentary by Demond and Deshawn using the new service with comments from readers posted in the normal comments slot
  • an open free for all chat where anyone can join in
  • something in between...

My guess is that one is more fun at the moment, and the other more useful the next day, but we'd love your input. Feel free to comment or drop us a line at 18to88@gmail.com

Here's this week's DVOA for those who are interested.


Shake'n'bake said...

I liked both features. It's easier than refreshing constantly to get the updates and I don't think it's a coincidence that some new people joined into the discussion for the first time in the new format.

Deshawn Zombie said...

Live updating isn't going anywhere. I loved that feature, and it definitely allows Demond and I on at the same time, which I like.

It's really only a question of the open chat. I'd be open to a limited version of it too if people wanted.

If everyone liked the free for all, then awesome. It was great at the time, but I worry that 'next dayers' won't find it as interesting to read.

WillyDuer said...

I found that the chat distracted me from the game. I prefer having something I can come back to at commercials and just refresh. That's more a commentary on me than on the chat software though. I participated in the chat and couldn't in the other format, and probably will continue to during away games, but I could totally live without it too if the other way is easier.