Thursday, October 16, 2008

Out of Touch - A MMTTB Report

MMTTB comes home to roost this week as the Colts prepare to meet our intrepid heroes in close combat this Sunday. That makes today a perfect time to examine where the Pack stands on the season. A close inspection of the single most important stat in the NFL shows the Packers to be...

Utterly, completely average. They win some; they lose some. Aaron Rodgers has played some good football and some ugly football. Tompson and McCarthy have constructed a team that is sort of like Top 40 radio. For every catchy ditty, there's a lot of annoying crap. They have become the Hall and Oates of the NFL. They are still popular in some circles, but they've had a lot Pack fans begging, "Say It Isn't So". They tried to obtain Tony Gonzalez, but Chiefs GM Carl Peterson, "I Can't Do That. No Can Do" at the last moment. They tried hard; they came up short. Average. Their IQ this week stands at a pedestrian 100. They look better than they did last week, but they still aren't on anyone's list to kiss. Unless something good happens fast for them, there'll be no Jingle Bell Rock come this December in Titletown.

Links: It's a Steelers thing, but I agree. How can the NFL fine Hines ward 10K for unnecessary roughness without explaining the violation? That's insane. He wasn't flagged during the game, and has asked for an explination, without being granted one by the league. He shouldn't pay that fine until he gets a clear answer from the league. That sounds like a grievance waiting to happen.

Big Sexy is back on board with the Horse

Mike Tanier's Walkthrough is pretty funny, except for the part where he thinks the Vikes beat the Colts in week 2. The best part is this conversation he imagines between Polian and a certain DT:

Bill Polian: Your name, son?

John McCargo: John McCargo.

Polian: Anthony McFarland, got it.

McCargo: No, it's McCargo.

Polian: Booger McCargo. Welcome to the team!

McCargo: I think you have me confused with someone else.

Polian: You are a disappointing former first-round draft choice that we acquired in midseason to prop up a run defense that never seems capable of getting off the field, right?

McCargo: Something like that.

Polian: We don't make mistakes like that here in Indy, son. Now try on this jersey.

McCargo: Why does it say "Simon" on the back?


Bob M. said...

Awesome H2O job--can't believe you guys are old enough to have enough exposure to them. Though IIRC one of them is supposed to be pretty darn smart--a Penn grad maybe?

I'm no doctor, but doesn't a tear, however slight, in a hammy sound worse than 2 weeks for the JAddai Master? Luckily we face GB this weekend, but after that... sigh.

Finally, I'm a Hines Ward fan and no fan of the officiating this year. If he blocked some guy H2H, if there is film of him going postal, just share it with the Rooneys and we'll all call it good. Until then, WTF is up with the non-flagged $10k fine? I've seen $5k and $7,500k fines, so to egister a 10 on the rectum scale, it should be a pretty bad penalty for a WR and should also be substantiated by the league.
All other roughness-type fines this year have been well documented and some are certainly subject to interpretation and appeal, but if you don't tell a guy where/how he violated the rules, how can you expect him to respect and abide by said mystery rules?


Deshawn Zombie said...

We aren't really old enough, but VH1 has kept them alive. Sort of.

Actually, knowing VH1 they probably play stuff off the 'new album'

jc said...


There's only one Big Sexy bro....and he powerbombed Eric Bischoff through a table on Monday Nitro in '96.

Yea I'm almost what?

Bob M. said...

That Whitlock article was difficult to read--I utterly abhor anybody jumping on a bandwagon with such force, regardless of the team, especially after one dominant game. Best in football? I don't want to hear that talk til February. He may be right--I don't know, but he sounds like a raving lunatic making such a definitive statement with so little evidence behind him.

In fact, I'd much prefer to hear that about any other team--I'd feel much more confident. Maybe I am just over-sensitive following 2003, 2004, 2005, (too much media adulation) and then 2006 when we were relegated to the "they're crumbing again/worst-defense-ever" category.

Deshawn Zombie said...

JWhit has been on the Colts bandwagon all season. He picked them to win preseason, and he stuck with them publicly.

It wasn't as bad a 'bandwagon' deal as he made it out.