Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Titans 31 Colts 21


chipbennett said...

Hey guys, scrap the collaborative live chat.

Keep the live chat, but keep it local.

zac said...

I think we need to admit Harrison has lost at least a step. Defending him is getting embarassing. 22 catches in 7 games. 258 yards. Please. This is a different, inferior, Marvin.

I know he is still drawing coverage, but he still put up numbers before in those situations. He isn't now, and doesn't look close. Almost every throw in his direction is contested, with little to no seperation.

We should think about cutting him after this season. I know that's crazy, but he isn't worth the 13 million or whatever he is due.

Demond Sanders said...

Once upon a time I was falling in love, now I'm only falling apart.

Colts Girl said...

Ugh. I certainly chose a yucky game to get back in the 18to88 action, didn't I?

I still like Marvin. A couple of the long throws to him just weren't where they needed to be; I don't even have a comment for that. He isn't the same guy, no, but he isn't a throw-away, either.

Dallas made some great plays today, but he missed a couple of biggies, too. I'm not the Dallas hater my husband is (nor the pessimist, but that's for another blog), but his consistency--or lack of it--bugs me. Pressure seems to get him sometimes.

I know this is in the wrong place, but I do like the name Lucas, even though I had several rotten students with that name.

A final thought: While I appreciate all the Colts are doing to bump me up on the season-ticket waiting list, I would still rather see them win from home than lose from my season seats.

coltsfanawalt said...

Thanks, Bonnie.

Now, let's turn it around. Bright eyes.

jc said...

5:55 AM EST and I just read the second half of the blog chat out of boredom.

The best part was seeing chip bennett and westside rob whine about officating for 1500 lines of text.


Ya know....WE should be 3-4 right now and you guys should be 1-6. Minny and Houston were giftwrapped.

You guys suck.

Westside Rob said...

I made 3 comments about officiating. Mostly out of sarcasm, but a couple calls were mysterious and bailed out Tenn on missed 3rd down plays. You'll note I did NOT "whine" about the correct PI call on Bullit. The vast majority of my comments were critical of our team, players and coaches, and complimentary of the Titans. I doubt we'd see that same level of fairness from your average NE fan.