Saturday, October 25, 2008


I've been busy today doing a couple of interviews with other sites (links to be posted here soon). The result is that I had precious little desire or energy to write anything for my own site. But have no fear, dear readers...Eyes in the Backfield is coming out anyway. Here's a taste:

Usually, we start each week with a look back at last week's Eyes, but I wouldn't blame anyone who just flat wants to forget the debacle that was the Packers game. Unfortunately, things don't get any easier this week as the Colts head south to take on the Titans. Tennessee is undefeated this year, and everyone is curious to see just how good they can be. Indy is already three games behind the Titans and simply must win this game to have any hope at all of keeping the streak of division titles alive. This week be watching for:

1. The real Slim Shady to stand up. Who are these guys? Perhaps the answer is as simple as a look at the lengthy injury list this year, but at some point fans start to get tired of the obvious answers and grasp at straws. One week the team looks like world beaters and the next they are like refugees from 8 Mile. Which Colts team will show this week? I don't know but the whole mess makes want to bust a cap in someone. (Note to self: Rap is not your thing. Stick with what you know). On the Titans front, the story is the same. The Titans are 6-0 but still have a lot of doubters.

2. Watch for a Hero. We couldn't find one last week as both the offense and defense failed to come through, and Peyton played his worst game in years. The line couldn't figure out how to manipulate time and space; Reggie Wayne couldn't fly with guys grabbing him constantly; Joe Addai couldn't heal himself, and Peyton...he looked like he was trapped in someone else's body. If the Colts don't have a couple of players come up large this week, the only future I'll be painting will be someone else in the playoffs. (Note to self: Ah, much better).

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Phil B thinks Sanders and Hayden are close. Glory hallelujah! This team will be good at some point this year. It's just a matter of how bad things get record-wise first. Take any 3-3 team and add back multiple pro-bowl players and front line starters, and it'll improve. A Giants/Steelers-like run isn't out of the question. I'll keep saying that, and I'll let you know when I really believe it.

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