Thursday, June 26, 2008

Raptors (Pacers) draft Roy Hibbert with #17

You can't coach size. Hibbert is 7' - 2" tall. I'm not sure how this pick fits into the Pacers desire to get up and down the court, but did I mention he's 7 foot 2?

DZ Comments: Hey, worst case, he plays 10 years in the league as a backup center. You are dead on that you can't coach height. Right fit or not, this makes me feel better about the JO trade. Maybe it's my Rik Smits fettish (eww), but I love the tall centers.

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Anonymous said...

Pacers need all the help they can get. Roy Hibbert is one of the most well-known high-caliber players in college basketball for the last 2 years. If he goes to the Pacers, he should end up being a starter they can build the team around. They can surely change the direction of their team concept/strategy by the mere fact they actually got him now.