Thursday, June 5, 2008

Colvin touring the league

I think everyone would love to see Rosevelt Colvin join the Colts, but I wouldn't bet on it. It seems that everyday Colvin is visiting a different club, and that usually means that a player isn't interested in playing for the veteran minimum. The Star says there still is a chance the Colts will sign him, but the fact that it hasn't happened yet makes me wonder if it will. Colvin has experienced team success already, so he's far more likely to just take the big payday, and who can blame him. This is his last chance to make big dollars playing football, and he'd be wise to take advantage. For the Colts part, paying big dollars for a veteran with iffy injury history doesn't make sense. I'd like to see this happen, but only for the right price.

ESPN lists the best running backs ever. Whatever. Lists are lists, but it is worth noting three Colts (2 Indy Colts) made the list. We have been blessed in Indy to witness some amazing runners in an unbroken run from Dickerson to Faulk to Edge to Addai.

Anything Manning does to stay healthy is ok by me. He could borrow AGs hyperbaric chamber, and I wouldn't bat an eye.

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coltsfanawalt said...

Yeah, I've had my doubts too as time has passed. When I read that he visited the Texans on, I pretty much gave up hope. I thought his roots here would make a difference, but he doubtless is seeking the bigger paycheck.

The Colts have been very successful under Polian by building through the draft. Free agency hasn't always worked out so well. I'm sure we are only offering him the minimum.