Monday, June 9, 2008

People in North Florida are smarter than I gave them credit for

At least they aren't wasting money on Jags tickets. God bless the Jags. They are always good for a laugh. Here's a link to where I originally found the article.

Mike Hart is pretty mouthy for a dude who hasn't made the team yet.


Anonymous said...

..."you can't hurry love ...we've ONLY been here 14 years ...". wow. sounds like they've got personnel issues all over the organization. that is just classic PR.

Shake'n'bake said...

Ladies and Gentlemen your 2010 LA Jaguars

Bob M. said...

If I were a Jags fan in Jax, I'd just be grinding my teeth right now. This must be so frustrating. What could be worse: if a SB win doesn't change things.

Not that I expect it to happen, but it would actually give us something to laugh about, despite the Jags winning the SB.

Rob - Westside said...

I love how they blame their city size. Jhole and Indy are almost the exact same population size. They have almost identical demographics. We have 10K + people on the season ticket waiting list... My cousin an Hoosier native and die hard Colts fan lives in Jhole and talk all the time about how generally no one there cares or ever even discuss the Jags. Give it up Jholers you can't support the team so let it go somewhere that can.