Monday, June 2, 2008

Edging upward

It's incredibly fun to WANT to listen to the baseball game tonight. As the Reds sit one game under .500 and trending upward, there is a buzz about the team that has been absent for awhile. With the offense finally generating runs, the wins are finally starting to come.

It's Manny vs Jr. in a death match. I can't even believe this debate needs to happen. I love Manny. I think he's a phenomenal hitter. But this is like comparing watching TV to going to a game live. Yeah, you see most of the same stuff, and replays are great...but you just can't beat the extra dimension. Ugh. That was a clumsy way of saying that Jr. was vastly superior in other non-offensive aspects of the game. It barely made sense.

I love Hall of Famer Hal McCoy's blog.

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