Friday, June 27, 2008

Greenspan Gone

With all the Pacer draft stuff, we plumb ran out of time to comment on IU A.D. Rick Greenspan resigning in the face of a new NCAA charge. Aside from our elation over his head being placed squarely on our silver platter, I'm still mystified about something. I'll never understand how Indiana can be held responsible for what Sampson did when THEY CAUGHT HIM AND TURNED HIM IN. Yes I realize that it was a couple of months late, and it was by an independent auditor, but THEY HIRED the auditor to do the audit. This wasn't turned up by the press or by a player or angered coach. The administration was checking up on things like they are supposed to and found that Sampson was not compliant (not with regular NCAA rules) with the terms of his probation. Frankly, that sounds like they did their job to me. Ultimately, this whole mess shows the insanity of hiring a coach and accepting sanctions that a different school should have had. IU still hasn't broken any normal NCAA rules, just a higher set that was imposed on them only because they hired Sampson.

Simmons' faith in Larry Legend is shaken by the Bayless trade. Yeah, Bill, that makes two of us.

As noted in the comments, Chad Ford loved the moves.

More trade breakdown calls Bird's dealing 'asinine'. They give the Pacers a C+


Dan said...

Chad Ford really liked what the Pacers did.

"Analysis: To evaluate the Pacers, you have to take a step back a day to see how everything unfolded. They traded the chronically injured Jermaine O'Neal and a second-round pick for T.J. Ford, Rasho Nesterovic, Maceo Baston and the No. 17 pick. That means they added a starting point guard coming off a career year, significant cap space in 2009 and a prospect.

Then Indiana swapped No. 11 and Ike Diogu for No. 13 and picked up a solid backup point guard, Jarrett Jack, and a local hero, Josh McRoberts.

So in the course of two days, the Pacers rebuilt their team in a way that improves it now and in the future. The Pacers should be much more exciting to watch with a Ford/Jack/Rush/Mike Dunleavy backcourt. The additions of Hibbert and Nesterovic give them some much-needed size. And with several major expiring contracts, including Nesterovic, Marquis Daniels and Jeff Foster, they'll have some significant trading chips at the trade deadline or real cap space in the summer of 2009.

Kudos to president Larry Bird and general manager David Morway for one of the most sophisticated rebuilding efforts I've seen. "

zac said...

Unfortunately, this is merely the first step, and messing up step 2 could led us down the road of mediocrity for a long, long time.

I am 23. I want to be a Pacers season ticket holder. Please make it worth my while, guys.

Anonymous said...

I can name almost everyone from the 2005 team. That was going to be Indianapolis' year. An NBA title and a Super Bowl title. The Pacers would have torn through the NBA and gotten Miller his ring, and the Colts should have gone undefeated and torn through the playoffs.

Instead, the Pacers get destroyed by Stern and later dismantled and sold for scrap, and the Colts endure one of the most heartbreaking losses ever.

Anonymous said...

I'm still baffled by the Bayless trade. I won't go so far as to proclaim him a season ticket generator, as I saw someone somewhere say (and really, that's ridiculous), but I think he'd be better than Kareem's little bro. But hey, maybe Brandon got all the b-ball talent.

On the NCAA, they punish you in every single way even if you do the right thing and find the infractions and what not. They're so assbackwards sometimes I'm surprised they don't start sanctioning teams just for winning.

Josh Brown said...

Heard today on local radio 1070 that the Bayless trade was actually made BEFORE the Pacers drafted, so they were essentially trading picks and not players. Kind of puts a whole new spin on it.

Deshawn Zombie said...

Certainly does

Anonymous said...

NOW it makes sense. So we drafted Bayliss for them, and they drafted Rush for us.

Still the trade is ass. We got a guy with a lot of baggage that isn't his own too. Yuck.

Demond Sanders said...

If that is true, then that is the height of stupidity.

Trading a pick before you even know who is going to be available there. Unless they had already decided that they didn't want Bayless or wanted Rush just as much.

Deshawn Zombie said...

unless they really liked Jack, figured the difference between whoever was there at 11 and 13 was slim (of figured Rush would still be there at 13), and never guessed Bayless would still be around.