Friday, June 27, 2008

Announcing: The Most Important Wins Contest

I'm sure most of you have perused the Greatest Games list on You may also be aware that we picked those games based on the quality of the wins and the game played, not on 'how important' the game was. 18to88 reader Cambell has suggested we start a 'Most Important Wins' list as well. I think it's a great idea, but both Demond and I are too busy right now to do all the research.

That's where you come in. The list starts with: Super Bowl XLI (of course). Also on the list has to be the playoff win over KC in 1996 and the Monday Night Massacre over Denver in the first MNF game. So here's the deal: we are looking for at least 4 (I'll do XLI) good write-ups of games that could be considered for the Most Important Wins list. Someone has to do the KC game and the MNF win over Denver, but the other slots are open. Up to 9 people can win (the list is capped at 10). The game must be significant for Colts history. It CANNOT be a game that appeared in the Greatest Games list or Peyton's 4th Quarter wins. Don't submit a write up on any of those.

Here's the prize: A genuine official game program from Super Bowl XLI. Submit all entries to Only one prize per person. If we choose your write up, you get a program. Grammar and spelling count. If multiple people write up the same game, we'll choose the best written one. Write-ups should be brief, but informative. Game details are important, so get the facts right. Re-read our write-ups of the games on those other lists to get an idea of what we want. If we get at least 4 good game writeups, then we will award prizes. If not, then sorry. If you are selected and want to be sure the article gets written and the programs are awarded, then feel free to do multiple write-ups.

If you are unclear about anything, write us. I'd like this to be done in about 2 weeks, so the sooner you write, the sooner you can win.

Thanks for being a part of 18to88. The programs really are cool, and worth winning.

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