Saturday, March 17, 2007

Why I Don't Fill out Brackets...

I broke my rule this year and actually participated in an online bracket contest. About 8 years ago, I realized that I hated having to root against upsets. I figured that if I have to take the side of Duke against Appalacha State University College School A&M, then something is wrong. So I stopped filling out brackets. Now, he says smugly, I can enjoy the tourny 'purely'. I can just enjoy the spectacle without having to pit my head vs. my heart.

Anyway, this year I did join an online bracket contest but intentionally picked games fast and other than the fact that somehow I wound up with Texas A&M winning, I can't remember almost anything about who I picked and why. I figured I'd play the role of the proverbial monkey with a dart board. This way, anyone who I actually beat would feel pretty stupid. Alas, said monkey must also have been drunk, because after round one, I'm in next to last.

Damn Monkey.

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