Monday, March 26, 2007

Too good to be True?

Rumors are flying that Joe Theismann is being replaced on Monday Night Football with Ron Jaworski! As a real football fan, this couldn't possibly be better news. I stated in previous posts that Joe T is horrible on TV (he'll contradict himself even within the same rant if it lasts long enough). Jaworski is one of the best informed, most studied, and interesting analysts on TV. That and #18 does a sweet impression of him. I picked this up on who linked the story to this page:

My favorite Joe Theismann quote: "You just don't have a play in your play book to pick up 3rd and 15." What? Does your play book only have like 5 plays? Apparently Joe's did. Joe also loves to talk up being a Super Bowl winner over making the Hall of Fame. Hmmmm, I wonder why, Joe?

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