Friday, March 16, 2007

Lousy First Day

We here at 18 to 88 are sports fans (particularly Indianapolis sports fans). Though this is primarily a Colts blog, we don't make smug statements as the superiority of football over all sports. We were basketball fans long before anything else (as most people from Indiana are). We spent years living and dying with IU and the Pacers (though we've also been going to Colts games from the begining and our family has had season tickets from day one). I prefer baseball over all sports.

I make these disclaimers so that you don't think I'm being unfair when I vent over how terrible the first day of the tourney was. Considering that Butler (a school that was blocks from where we grew up) and IU both won, the day was still a loss. Sure Duke and Bobby Knight both went down, but on the whole the games weren't even tight. The fact that 2 teams I love won, and 2 I hate lost, and that my conference (the Big Ten) went 3-0 still wasn't enough for me to have truely enjoyed the day, says something about the quality of the games.

Also, how freaking awesome is the NCAA MarchMadness on demand thing? How is it possible that they give all the games for free on the net? Living overseas, you don't get almost any college sports. I get virtually every NFL game, 3 or 4 MLB games a day and the NBA twice a week. But college bball is virutally absent. But like a bolt from the blue, I suddenly get the WHOLE TOURNAMENT. That's pretty sweet.


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