Sunday, March 25, 2007

Do you take it as a compliment?

Well, they've done it again. Cold Hard Football Facts has managed to produce another opinion laden piece of work , that while apparently complimenting the Colts, actually puts them in bad company. By the way, opinions are great, just be honest about the fact that that is all any of us have. Even what stats you use and how you use reveal biases and opinions. Therefore we here at just talk out of our asses. It's more fun and a lot less work. Plus, we rely on our natural intellegence and insight and we choose to gloss over the rare instances where we are wrong. That and we steal other people's work and just link to it. Others prefer to call this "Blogging."

CHFF operates under the concept that in free agency, a team is either swimming (good), treading water, or sinking (bad). In their recent review of the AFC South (check out our review of the AFC on the main page,, they list the Colts as swimming

Awesome right? Not so fast there, my friend. To this point CHFF has reviewed 6 of the 8 divisions in football. To this point they have listed ONLY the following teams as swimming:

Houston Texans
Detroit Lions
Cleveland Browns
Tampa Bay

Ouch. Suddenly, it doesn't look to be such an honor to be classified as swimming does it? With any luck, we can be right up there with the Texans and Browns next year! Now, we here at are nothing if not fair, (ok, you're right, we really are nothing!) and the analysis they gave for why the Colts are swimming is exactly what we said here, and they gave a shout out to Pete Prisco for his excellent column from Friday. I think we are all a little uncomfortable with this unholy alliance and will continue to eyeball one another with suspicion. For now though, we will continue to note which teams join the Colts as 'swimming' in the free agency waters.

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