Saturday, March 17, 2007

Ways to make this a great day of hoops

Only one of the following outcomes has to happen to make this a great day for me. I'll list them in order of my preference.

1) Hoosiers over UCLA. IU in the sweet sixteen would be huge. This team isn't that great as everyone knows, but they can beat the Bruins. If IU wins today, nothing else that takes place in the tournament will matter to me. Probability: 33%

2) Ohio State loses to Xavier. This would be sweet on three levels. First, I hate OSU and all it stands for. Two it would make my final four pick of Texas A & M all the more possible. Three it would be embarrassing for the university to lose to its in-state rival. Very embarrassing. Probability: 40%

3) Texas A & M beats Louisville. My pick to win it all will face a tough test playing the 6 seed Louisville in Lexington, KY. Not a fair location, but if A & M prevails it will get to play the next two games in San Antonio. Probability: 60%

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