Friday, March 9, 2007

Rhodes to Oakland

Dominic Rhodes has signed a two year contract with the Oakland Raiders. He's going from first to worst. Part of me wants to rip him for taking the money (Personally, I might have taken a little less money to play in New York or anywhere else really), but that would not be fair. This is his one chance to get sign a sizeable contract and he took it.

This much is clear: We will never hear from Dominic Rhodes again and, much like Edgerrin, he has likely played in his last playoff game. Of course now that I say that he is a lock to run for 200 yds against the Colts in their game at Oakland this coming season.

FYI: John Clayton on SportsCenter just named Cato June as his most surprising unsigned player thus far. He said maybe this is good news for the Colts because June has not had much attention from any one team. In some ways this is expected because of how poorly he played much of the season, buut given the Super Bowl win, it would be a significant upset if Indianapolis could re-sign June to a reasonable contract.

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