Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Harper to Titans

As if stealing David Thornton wasn't enough. Nick Harper has signed a three year deal with the Tennessee Titans. Details of the deal have not been released. Out of the Colts biggest free agent concerns (Freeney, Morris, June, Rhodes & Harper) only June's fate remains unknown. So far so good for the Colts. Harper had a tremendous career with the Colts, but he is 32 years old and the team would seem to have enough capable corners to be comfortable with losing him. Hopefully the Titans had to give him a chunk of guaranteed money, but it is unlikely.

As I said I think the Colts are doing well so far in keeping Freeney and Morris, and letting Rhodes and Harper walk. However June's departure will sting. I am holding out (false) hope that the 31 other teams realize that June is an undersized speedster with a penchant for missed arm tackles. He'll be gone by the end of the week.


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