Saturday, March 17, 2007

DJ White-Real Man

A tough loss by IU in the tourney (if they had hit their FTs, it would have been a different game), but that shouldn't overshadow the amazing job DJ White did tonight. If the Hoosiers had only realized that you can't play 1 on 5, they could have won. White owned the glass and fought for his points. This was one of the most memorable performances by a Hoosier in my lifetime. He played with real fire and pride.

Demond said to me this morning that 2 crappy days of games would lead to a great weekend, because the better seeds won, which meant for good basketball. Nice call, man. Today more than made up for a lousy Thusday.


Demond Sanders said...

I'm dissapointed they couldn't finish off the comeback, but as you and Bob Kravitz of the Star pointed out there are a lot of things to be pleased with in the comeback attempt. IU showed real guts, and they proved they were good enough to beat arguably the best team in the country. They missed 11 free throws, shot 14% in the first half, and hit only 5 for 17 3-point shots. And yet they were tied in the final minute. I attribute that to incredible effort and I applaud Coach Sampson. I'm very dissapointed, but as Kravitz said this team wasn't going to take it all this year. The bright side: Eric Gordon scored 39 points to put North Central in the State Finals. Come on back DJ White and help hang that sixth banner.

Deshawn Zombie said...

I should suspend you from the site for willingly quoting Bob Kravitz in a posititve way! (even if he was just agreeing with me)