Friday, March 30, 2007

Sink or Swim...and why it doesn't matter

I promised an update on the 'Swim, tread, or sink' take on free agency by Cold Hard Football Facts. They finally finished all the teams in the NFL decided that these teams were 'swimming AWAY from the competition' during free agency...

Kansas City
San Francisco
Tampa Bay

And thus you see why free agency is the most over hyped, over analyzed time in the NFL calender. Of the 8 teams identified as really doing well, only 2 made the playoffs this past season, and honestly one of those (the Colts) was on this list for basically sitting still and letting all their players walk.

Folks, first off the designation 'swimming away from the competition' was clearly a poor choice of words by CHFF, since most of these teams are desperately trying to CATCH UP to the competition. But secondly, the whole free agency debate is irrelevant. If you can afford to sign big name free agents, it's because no one on your team is good enough to get paid to begin with. Winners in March, losers in September.

Don't sweat it Horseshoe faithful, not even the threat of losing the great Aaron Moorehead will dampen our spirits this offseason.

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