Monday, June 25, 2007

Rerunning a classic

If you have read 18to88 for any length of time, you know how we feel about the guys at We don't like the style (or lack there of), their biases, the odd way the pick and chose which stats to use and which to reject, or their steadfast belief that one specific brand of football is better than another. Mostly we dislike their shabby and totally unfair treatment of Manning over the years. They once ran a recap of all Manning's playoff games and claimed it was a 'fact' that he had choked in them. They conveniently left off his brilliant games, and omitted details like Vandy missing FGs, dropped TD passes, and Jim Mora's coaching. They just acted like the rest of the media, did no analysis and blamed Manning. Today however, they reran the article that made my year. They day they had to admit that all their 'facts' were wrong, and they had just been spouting the same stupid opinions that Terry Bradshaw and a million talking heads were blathering about because they were too lazy look at what was really happening:

Read, enjoy, and delight with us.

Demond Sanders' Comments: Beauty. I especially like the part where the Colts became the only team in NFL history to beat the top three teams in scoring defense in the playoffs.

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