Saturday, June 2, 2007

Prisco's overated list 2007: Or why the Colts are good.

First I wanted to apologize for the slow blogging in the month of May from 18to88. Deshawn Zombie has stepped up and kept it going. We have various excuses for this including:

1. Zero Important News (Its May!)

2. Power outages in Argentina. Don't know about this? Sorry bro, I can't imagine how crappy this problem is.

3. I'm selling my house which is a lot of work...

4. Sucky family problems abound.

5. It is MAY!

6. I'm Lactose Intolerant. Wha?

Anyway back to the Prisco article. He lists Booger McFarland as the most overrated Colt. Folks, this is a great testiment to Bill Polian and Tony Dungy. They wouldn't have won the Super Bowl without Booger. We all know it. When reading this article I paused before reading the Colts section and my wife any I tried to figure out who it could be. No one really made sense.

The reason is they got rid of the guys this offseason that you could argue are overrated. Doss and June come to mine. Rhodes became overrated only in the playoffs. Speaking of Mike Doss. . . he was listed by Prisco as the Colts most overrated player for 2006.
Deshawn Zombie's comments: Ok man, I know you must have been on something strong when you wrote this...principally because you said "it's May!" twice, and rather emphatically when in reality it's June.

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