Saturday, June 16, 2007

ESPN's Ultimate Depth Chart

They love the Chargers and Patriots. Surprise, surprise. The Super Bowl champs? Not so much.

I sort of get why the analysts would be hesitant about the Colts. The defense is still a huge question mark, even after the remarkable playoff run. But I still don't think there is a better offense in the league than the Colts' O. Sure the Chargers scored more points, but they also had a ridiculous 61 sacks from their D which helped get the other team off the field quickly (the Colts had a mere 25 sacks in comparison). The Chargers offense is still in development, which actually makes them tougher to stop. Personally I think the Colts offense is playing its best football ever, even though it may not be scoring quite as much as past years. The league, and particularly your divisional opponents, will eventually find a way to slow you down a little.

I'm not going to argue the Colts are more talented than the Chargers. The Chargers are loaded. But I'd still take #18 and Indianapolis in a one game showdown in January. The Patriots on the other hand have question marks in the running game, passing game, and in their defense.

Most importantly New England is much older than the Colts and Chargers. The Patriots have 6 players over 30 on their offense to the Colts' 5. Call it a wash. Here's where it gets interesting: The Patriots have ELEVEN players over thirty on their defensive roster to the Colts' ONE. An astounding six of those aging Pats are Linebackers. And anyone wonders why they ran out of steam in the second half back in January?

Deshawn Zombie's Comments: The real problem with the Chargers offense is Phillip Rivers. His production dropped dramatically over the course of last season, and there is no reason to assume the QB that started the year is the real deal. Demond's points are well taken, the Charger O looks better than it is because of their D.

Demond Sanders' Comments: I forgot to mention an obvious point: Everyone tried to limit the number of Indy possessions by running the ball. The Christmas Eve game at Houston was the best example of this. Peyton had an excellent, efficient game and the Offense put up 24 points, but Houston kept the ball on the ground. In the past the Colts might have scored 40 or more points (heck, like the earlier game at Indianapolis), but in the December game they never got the chance.

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