Monday, June 18, 2007

Peter King's QB rankings

Ok, so King put Manning first.

He at least has a half a brain in his head. He seems to think that this debate is way closer than I do, so let me ask this question for any one who cares to elevate Tom Brady to the top spot...what if the question was, Who has been the better quarterback for the past two years and who is likely to be the better quarterback this year? Remember that the ONLY thing Brady has over Manning is 3 Super Bowls to 1. I personally have said many times here that it's an ignorant argument to elevate championships over all over stats because then you wind up with Terry Bradshaw as the second best QB of all time and NO ONE BELIEVES THAT'S TRUE. If we only take into account the last two years, there is no stat, NOT ONE, in which Brady has the edge over Manning. Manning has more wins, playoff wins, TDs, yards, completion %, YPA, fewer INTs than Brady. Plus Manning's beat him three straight times. Right now, there is no debate. Manning is more accurate, makes fewer bad decisions and wins more. And it's not close. Let's save the debate over who has the better career until all the data is in. Manning's going to win more Super Bowls. Unless Tommy wins one this year, he's done (his magical D gets older by the minute).

Right now, Manning is the best. I'll be glad to hear facts to the contrary, but I think they'll be hard to come by.

Let's also note that King put Vince Young WAAAAAAAAAY too high considering that he's only about as good as your average second string quarter back. If you don't believe me, check out the Vince Young Files on our main site. Blech. Overhyped piece of crap.

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