Saturday, June 16, 2007

E-mail from people

I've always wanted to answer e-mail ala Bill Simmons. Two people wrote us, and now I get the chance. Thanks two people.

Hey! Just found your site, was checking out the toughest losses page, and you forgot Jets 41 - Colts 0 from the playoffs four years ago (

Dunno if you forgot it or you didn't think it was that bad, but I was surprised it wasn't on there.


No, we definitely haven't forgotten about the Jets game Jason, but thanks for bringing it up again. There's probably a couple reasons it didn't make the list. The main reason is that it was kind of like ripping off a band-aid. Quick and painful. I barely remember Dungy's first playoff game with the Colts because I turned it off way early. Probably even before halftime. I'm sure Deshawn Zombie remembers it better because he's a different kind of fan (some would say a better kind). He can watch the Cincinnati Reds late in the season, long after they are out of contention. I tend to take the Colts way too seriously, so it is easier for me just to turn the television off (versus going ballistic and breaking yet another remote control). That game, unlike most on our list, was never close.

Deshawn Zombie's Comment: Demond had it right; this game didn't make the list because it just didn't HURT enough. It was one of the worst losses in history (up there with the Saints game that did make the list), but it was over so quick that it was hard to feel anything about it. The Jets scored an opening TD, and Manning responded with a big drive into FG range. Vandy...yup, shanked the kick. The Jets then drove for a Figgie, recovered a fumble on the kick off and drove for a TD to make it 17-0 before you could blink. INSANELY, the media blamed the loss on Manning. This made no sense as the game was basically over before it started. I never saw this game. I was at a camp in a remote area of Argentina and spent the whole week wondering if we won. The minute I made it back to a town, I jumped on the phone and called the states. It was a week later, and no one understood my urgency to find out the score. I felt sick about it at the time, but the feeling passed. The reason the NO game from the 80s made it and not this is because that game ruined the franchise for about 5 or 6 years. It forced the trade for Jeff George that might not have happened if they had won and made the playoffs. The Jets game had zero long term impact on the franchise as they made the AFC Championship game the very next year.

I really have enjoyed your blog for the past couple of weeks. I especially like your section of former Colt greats. Shouldn't Captain Comeback be on there though?

Sean of

Jimmy Harbaugh didn't qualify because he is already included in the Colts' Ring of Honor at the RCA Dome. Our somewhat arbitrary rules are outlined here: Tough luck for old #4, but as consolation we will be rooting him on as he attempts to right the ship as Head Coach of Stanford this season. Go Christmas Trees!

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