Tuesday, June 12, 2007

More ignorance from Jags fans

In the virtual Jags fan rag, jaguars.com, today there was yet another attempt by ignorant Jags fans to whine about the Colts getting 'special treatment' from the league. In the Ask Vic feature, a questioner alluded to the Colts 'false starting' all the time.

This is a favorite topic of ignorant Jags fans, and their ringleader Vic. The Colts linemen frequently move once placed on the line. This is a false start right?


The NFL rules (http://www.nfl.com/fans/rules/positionofplayers) clearly state the following:

No interior lineman may move abruptly after taking or simulating a three-point stance. All players of offensive team must be stationary at snap, except one back who may be in motion parallel to scrimmage line or backward (not forward). After a shift or huddle all players on offensive team must come to an absolute stop for at least one second with no movement of hands, feet, head, or swaying of body.

The Colts move slowly and deliberately, turning their heads and readjusting their stances after they get in position. This is allowed to the offense because audibles can change assignments and alignments. OFFENSIVE LINEMEN CAN MOVE AFTER COMING SET. What they cannot do is move forward, simulate a snap, or be in any kind of motion at the time of the snap. Not all movement by the line is a false start. But, Jags fans, being among the most ignorant in all of the NFL, don't know this and continue to whine.


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