Monday, June 4, 2007

Ouch. Bad news from MMQB

Peter King, who by his own admission hasn't even come close with his pre-training camp predictions the last two years (NE-Minn and NE-Dallas...hmmm, he really loves those Pats doesn't he?), has just doomed the 2007 Colts.

He picked them to win the Super Bowl.

Now bear in mind, that not even King thinks this means anything; how could it when training camp hasn't even started yet? But, it's just turned June, and most teams are enjoying the calm before the storm of training camp and the regular season. King's logic is that he just can't see New England's old linebackers stopping the Colts when it counts, and I would agree with that. He's still lamenting the 'talent' drain from the Colts D, but whatever. He also states, as do many commentators that San Diego has the best talent, but no one's really convinced that Norv Turner knows his ass from his elbow.

For anyone who is still scared of the Pats, just remember that they were FOURTH in the AFC last year. They had to retool; they already slipped.

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Brian said...

If the Patriots were 4th (seed) in the AFC last year (in a tiebreaker), then I guess the Colts were 3rd.

The Colts were better than the Pats when it mattered - the AFC Championship game. But don't try to make it seem like the Pats were worse than they were. You just look like a homer masquerading as an analyst.