Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The NBA has fallen so far in Indy that...

A sports blog run by two big Pacer fans can't barely even find the time to comment on Jermaine O'Neal possibly getting traded. I like JO, always have. I kind of hope he doesn't get dealt, just because I doubt they can get equal value. Lamar Odem and Andrew Bynum? Really? Alright, both just seem like guys to me. The Pacers are loaded with 'guys'. Don't think this deal would energize the fan base at all.
Doesn't pump me up, that's for sure.

Demond Sanders' Comments: This is even less inspiring: They considered this trade to free up CAP SPACE. Is there anything less sexy than that? But that's life in the crappy world of guaranteed contracts. JO's huge contract is a preventing the Pacers from getting younger and better. I say if Larry & Donnie can find a way to get rid of Jamal Tinsley in the process OR get a top 15 draft pick then I'm for it. Maybe that's why the Pacers and Celts appear to have backed out of the deal. Or maybe Boston realized it didn't want JO.

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