Friday, May 16, 2008

Trading Jr. does not equal 'rebuilding'

Ken Rosenthal of argues that the Reds might enter a 'rebuilding' phase soon. This season is currently on the brink for sure. Despite winning 4 of 5, the Reds know full well that the next two weeks hold the key for which direction this season is going. The start has been horrible, but one certainly wonders if it is even possible to hit under .150 with RISP and two outs for the season. I'm not challenging the premise of the article (Reds may trade Dunn/Griffey), just the terminology. Personally, I see no reason to trade Dunn. He is one of the most productive (albeit in a 3 outcome sense) hitters in baseball over the last several years. Even now as his BA kills my fantasy team, his OB% is solid and he is contributing. Still, he's in a walk year, so a deal may be inevitable.

But I digress. The Reds don't need to 'rebuild' even if they do move a couple of impending free agents. The rotation is in more respectable shape than it has been in some time. Arroyo has rebounded from a heinous start to post 3 excellent starts in 4 games. Cueto's WHIP and K/BB numbers are still solid despite getting pounded recently (he's not walking people which bodes well). Volquez and Harang are top shelf for now (though Volquez's walk rate gives me the willies). With several live arms in Louisville and AA ball, the future is brighter than it has been in some time. The Reds could use a shortstop for sure, preferably one with less breakable knees (seriously, I've never HEARD of a broken knee. How did both our SS break their knees in a span of 3 months? That's insane).

My point isn't that this team doesn't have holes, it does. But most people look at the Reds and scratch their heads because there is obvious talent all around, but the results are poor. I'm not sure that 'rebuilding' is really what is needed. This team needs something, but a complete reboot isn't in order, nor is it really what Rosenthal described (although he is right the Patterson/Bruce issue which is too insane to even discuss...anyone who reads this blog knows what I feel for Corey Patterson-utter contempt). I love Junior, and I'd hate to see him go (although I could live with Seattle for symmetry's sake), but let's not call moving one aging veteran or even a couple of free agent year outfielders 'rebuilding'. That's more than a little hyperbolic.


Anonymous said...


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You guys are right up there with Sports Nation.

- JC

Anonymous said...

Of course the Reds don't need to rebuild, being in last place is hard work. Gotta keep losing so no one takes that from them.

That's the motto to have, "Failure through hard work!"

DZ said...

Way to be ignorant. They clearly have to make changes, but 'rebuilding' isn't really necessary. Getting a real manager and letting your staff mature isn't rebuilding.

zac said...

Rebuilding implies some sort of a struggle, or a lack of production. In this case, the Reds can trade Junior, get anything for him, doesn't matter as long as the salary is gone, then call up Bruce.

Jay Bruce will make you all forget the Junior era very, very quickly. No "rebuilding" required.

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